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Cost price

*ST Weihai believes that before the listed company completes the relevant special audits and impairment tests in accordance with the "Profit Compensation Agreement for Issuing Shares and Payment of Cash for Asset Purchases", Zhong Chengrong and


Stock left operation

On February 9, the news from the press conference of the State Councils Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism required that on the basis of doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, actively support related enterprises of daily nece


Stock Exchange Magazine

Regarding the composition of the battery, Tesla has been promoting the use of cobalt-free batteries. In last years Tesla earnings conference call, some analysts mentioned concerns about the drastic changes in the price of cobalt and other rare metal commo


Types of stock transactions

In the past month, a total of about 25.1 billion yuan of sales contracts were signed, and as of Fridays close, the total market value of CNC CNC was only 24.6 billion yuan. Although CNCC emphasized that the monocrystalline silicon sales contract disclosed


Stock t0 operation

In addition, the Ping An Research Ruixuan Hybrid Fund managed by Li Huasong made its debut on the same day, with a raised cap of 8 billion. According to sources, the funds subscription funds have also exceeded 20 billion yuan. Ping An Fund quickly issued


How to buy OTC stocks

On the same day, the huge sell orders placed by DynaSky Securities also gradually decreased. The selling order of HK$8 from the initial (1:30 pm) of 1.43 million shares gradually decreased at the beginning, and suddenly decreased to around 2:26 pm 500,000


Huawei buys stock

From a structural point of view, the team recommends counter-cyclical and defensive deployment. In general, there can be several ideas: First, the financial and construction sectors with strong defensive properties at low valuations are expected to have e

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