The best books on stock trading

The best books on stock trading

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⊙Reporter Zhang Liang○Editor Shao Hao Recently, the price of corn has continued to rise, which has attracted widespread market attention. On October 23, the main corn futures contract closed at 2572 yuan/ton, a slight decrease of 0.12% from the previous trading day, and it remained high. Since September 2016, corn futuresThe best books on stock trading have risen fiercely, especially since this year, they have accelerated their rise. On October 19, they reached 2,629 yuan/ton, an increase of more than 35% from the beginning of this year. On October 21, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held a press conference on the agricultural and rural economic situation in the first three quarters of 2020. Wei Baigang, chief economist of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and director of the Development Planning Department, said in response to the issue of corn price increases that since the beginning of this year, corn prices have generally been on the rise. In September, as newly-produced corn in North China and Northeast China went on the market one after another, prices began to fall. After the National Day holiday, the price rose again. According to current monitoring, the listed purchase price of enterprises in some areas of Jilin is about 12 yuan per catty, and in some areas of Heilongjiang it is about 07 yuan per catty. Wei Baigang said that there are three main reasons for the recent increase in corn prices: First, the demand is strong, and the enthusiasm of multiple entities to purchase is relatively high. Mainly due to the accelerated recovery of live pig production, the demand for feed corn increased significantly. At the same time, corn starch and alcohol products are also increasing. Processing companies and traders are generally optimistic about the corn market and bid up prices for purchases. The second is the increase in costs, and farmers are reluctant to sell and hope to sell at a good price. This year the typhoon has limited impact on corn production in Northeast China, but the corn in the affected areas has fallen and the harvest cost has increased. According to our research, the machine charge for lodging corn is 100 yuan more than that in normal years, and severely lodging plots can only be harvested manually. Affected by the increase in costs, farmers want to wait for the price to rise a little bit before making a move. The third is capital speculation, and price increases are expected to increase. Affected by the global new crown pneumonia epidemic, speculative capital has shown signs of heating up the food market speculation. Since October, international and domestic corn futures prices have risen significantly, and traders and processing companies have increased their bullish expectations, leading to a linked rise in spot prices. Wei Baigang emphasized that, on the whole, the increase in corn prices is a recovery increase since the reform of the purchasing and storage system. Especially in the case of increased production costs, an appropriate price increase is reasonable. We judge that this year's corn harvest is a foregone conclusion, and the pre-bid corn will be released on the market one after another. In addition, some stocks of rice and wheat can also be used for feed replacement, supply is guaranteed, and corn prices continue to rise without support. Listed companies also have something to say about the increase in corn prices. Muyuan shares (002714) revealed that the price increase of corn is a global phenomenon and there is no need to worry about it. The company uses management to reduce feed waste. The company said that the sharp increase in corn prices this year will have a certain impact on the entire pig breeding industry. Excluding the impact of raw material costs, the company has certain advantages in cost control. The company's unit cost in the third quarter was more than 14 yuan, which included the management expenses of restricted stock amortization. Compared with the second quarter, the cost in the third quarter decreased by 0.3 yuan/kg to 0.4 yuan/kg. The main reason for the decrease was the relative improvement of production management level and the adjustment of sales structure. With the improvement of the new staff's business level and the optimization of the performance of the new pig house, there is still room for the company's cost to fall in the future. Meihua Bio (600873) stated that the company's main production bases are located in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, Wujiaqu, Xinjiang, and Baicheng, Jilin. Production at the bases was not affected by the typhoon. According to the length of the procurement season of each base, the company’s procurement methods are different. For example, the Xinjiang base’s corn procurement mainly uses agency collection and storage, while other bases’ corn procurement uses a combination of market acquisition, auction and agency collection and storage. In addition, the company can The cost increase is digested by passing on the price of finished products, but sometimes due to the influence of various factors such as supply and demand, the cost passing may lag behind.

From a historical point of view, drinking tea is one of the cultures, and meeting friends with tea is the cultural context since ancient times. In modern times, all kinds of tea circles have emerged in an endless stream. These circles are very small, and the main thing is to make things more expensive. This is obviously contrary to industrialization and large-scale production.

On Friday, the market showed a heavy rebound, and the hot spots of the two cities in the intraday showed a rotation. The Huawei concept, national defense and military industry, pork sector, hydrogen energy, fuel cell, 5G concept, domestic software and other topics led the small and medium-sized innovation market to strengthen substantially. Intraday brokerages and insurance companies pushed up the main board market. In the short term, the market has experienced a continuous decline, and there is a short-term technical oversold rebound demand. At the same time, the Ministry of Commerce strongly expressed the Sino-US trade dispute, which triggered a change in market sentiment, and market confidence began to increase. Under the background of improvement, the short-term market is expected to start a round of rebound. [Market Brief] The market showed a rebound in volume on Friday, and the hot spots in the two cities showed active activity across the board. From a disk perspective, the strong intraday markets of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, wine making, brokerage, insurance, software services, communications equipment, construction machinery and other industries drove the market to rise sharply, and intraday gains in components, semiconductors, chemicals, and diversified finance helped the market rebound. ; In terms of themes, themes such as national defense industry, Huawei, hydrogen energy, 5G concepts, domestic software, fuel cells, interconnected finance, and industrial interconnection took turns to strengthen during the intraday. Under the active promotion of the weighting and theme sectors, the stocks of the two cities were in the intraday Shows a general rise. On the whole, the market rebounded heavily on Friday, and the hot spots in the two cities showed a rotation during the intraday. The Huawei concept, national defense and military industry, pork sector, hydrogen energy, fuel cell, 5G concept, domestic software and other topics led the small and medium-sized innovation market. Significantly strong, intraday brokerages and insurance pulled up the main board market. In the short term, the market has experienced a continuous decline, and there is a short-term technical oversold rebound demand. At the same time, the Ministry of Commerce strongly expressed the Sino-US trade dispute, which triggered a change in market sentiment, and market confidence began to increase. Under the background of improvement, the short-term market is expected to start a round of rebound. [Information] 1. [State Grid Chairman meets Ma Huateng to promote energy Internet construction] According to State Grid, on May 9th, Kou Wei, Chairman and Party Secretary of State Grid Co., Ltd. met with Tencent Chairman and CEO Ma Huateng in Beijing One line. The two sides started exchanges and discussions, expressing that they will give full play to their respective advantages to promote the construction of the Energy Internet. Ma Huateng said that Tencent is willing to share research experience in big data, artificial intelligence, user experience, cloud computing, etc., and to complement the advantages of the State Grid Corporation of China, and join forces to create an example of the energy Internet. In terms of the company, Yuanguang Software: The largest shareholder is State Grid E-commerce Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Grid, marking that the company has officially become a part of State Grid’s three-type and two-network strategy. Henghua Technology: signed a framework agreement with State Grid Hebei Electric Power Co., Ltd. Xiong’an New District Power Supply Company, Ant Financial Xiong’an Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Hebei Xiong’an New District Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd., etc. Development Research Institute. 2. [Three Ministries and Commissions Jointly Issued Documents and Increased Governmental Investment to Support Sewage Treatment Projects to Improve Quality and Efficiency] The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and the Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "Three-year Action Plan to Improve the Quality and Efficiency of Urban Sewage Treatment (2019-2021) ". Goal After three years of hard work, there will be basically no direct discharge of domestic sewage in built-up areas of prefecture-level and above cities, basically eliminate the blank areas of domestic sewage collection and treatment facilities in urban villages, old towns and urban-rural junctions, and basically eliminate black and odorous water bodies and urban domestic sewage The efficiency of centralized collection is significantly improved. We will increase government investment and encourage financial institutions to provide financing support for sewage treatment projects in accordance with laws and regulations. Research and explore the regulation of project income rights, franchise rights and other pledge financing guarantees. Create a good market environment and attract social capital to participate in facility investment, construction and operation. With the acceleration of my country’s urbanization process, sewage treatment, as the foundation of various environmental protection projects, has huge potential. The issuance of this plan clarifies the development path of the industry in the next three years, which is conducive to speeding up the shortcomings of urban sewage collection and treatment facilities. As soon as possible to achieve full coverage, full collection, and full treatment of the sewage pipe network, related equipment manufacturers and monitoring companies are expected to further expand the number of orders, thereby boosting performance, and the industry's prosperity is also expected to further improve. Among the A-share listed companies, Luen Thai Environmental: Focusing on urban sewage treatment investment, construction and operation, it is one of the leading companies in the domestic sewage treatment field. It has multiple investment and operation projects in Hunan and Guangdong, and has a leading market share. Guozhen Environmental Protection: With a complete industrial chain covering the entire life cycle of sewage treatment, it can provide customers with one-stop six-dimensional services. 3. [my country's network security level protection version 0 will be released] According to reports, my country will release network security level protection technology version 0 on May 13. In terms of technical standards, cloud computing, big data and other technologies are included in the new standard system. Level protection 0 is a major upgrade of network security, which will give rise to huge new demands in the domestic information security market. On the one hand, since information systems above the third level involve government agencies at the prefectural level and above, finance and energy and other national key industries, in order to meet the new requirements of the national cybersecurity level protection policy in the era of security, it will be further increased Investment in information security products and services; on the other hand, E-bao 0 incorporates all new technologies including traditional network security, cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile internet, industrial control, big data, etc. Dimension. Related concept stocks mainly include Ren Zixing, Beixinyuan, Meiya Pico, Blue Shield and so on.

The second aspect is to carry out clinical research on stem cell technology in the treatment of critical illness. Stem cell therapy can inhibit excessive activation of the immune system, promote endogenous repair by improving the microenvironment, inhibit the progression of acute lung inflammation, and relieve symptoms of respiratory distress. After rigorous pre-clinical safety and effectiveness evaluations, and strict quality inspections, stem cell products have been treated for several critically ill patients on the premise of complying with current stem cell clinical application specifications and drug clinical trial regulations, and have also initially shown safety and effectiveness.

The low-price stock speculation is obviously only short-term. The aforementioned brokerage research chief told brokerage reporters that the current sci-tech innovation board low-priced stocks benefit from the bull market atmosphere of the entire ChiNext, but as the growth of low-priced stocks accumulates, the cost-effective advantage will become lower and lower, and the hype will naturally end.

On March 2, A shares rosThe best books on stock tradinge 15%, a strong rebound. For A-share investors, the past week has been thrilling. Under the resonance of internal and external factors, the A-share market saw its first sharp correction after the Lunar New Year after its heavy volume surge. The Shanghai Composite Index fell as much as 24% on a weekly basis.