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In addition, the Ping An Research Ruixuan Hybrid Fund managed by Li Huasong made its debut on the same day, wiStock t0 operationth a raised cap of 8 billion. According to sources, the fund's subscription funds have also exceeded 20 billion yuan. Ping An Fund quickly issued an announcement, announcing the early termination of the fundraising.

In response, Guo Wuping, director of the Consumer Insurance Bureau of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, said that the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has made a big strike, and urged bancassurance institutions in 2019 to urge bancassurance institutions to clear money and retreat, by focusing on the rectification of consumer rights and interests, special inspections, and complaint verification. Consumers were paid 4.092 billion yuan, of which 29.7 billion yuan was refunded through rectification and protection of chaos, 700 million yuan was paid through on-site inspections, and 2.5 billion yuan was paid through complaints, supervision and rectification that ignored the interests of the masses.

On October 31, Cheng'an Holdings fell 138%, and from October 30 to November 2 the four trading days of Cheng'an Holdings fell 386%. From October 30 to November 15, Cheng'an Holdings fell 940% on 13 trading days and has fallen into penny stocks. Since November 16th, the share price of Cheng'an Holdings has been hovering around 0.3 Hong Kong dollars. On November 29, Cheng'an Holdings closed at 0.3 yuan, with a trading volume of 1.76 million throughout the day.

Steel, coal, and non-ferrous metals made adjustments yesterday, and today there is a strong rebound: Hanrui Cobalt, Daye Special Steel's daily limit, Huayou Cobalt, Shengtun Mining, Luoyang Molybdenum, Ningbo Yunsheng, Smelting Nonferrous, ST Hualing, Fangda Special Steel, Fushun Special Steel, and Shanxi Coal International led the increase. Strong cyclical stocks are currently at a high level and should not be chased.

Analysts are generally optimistic about the future trend of the A-share market. Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai Kaiyuan Fund, interviewed by a reporter from Securities Daily, believes that the surge in the two cities reconfirms the bull market, and only by insisting on value investment can we seize investment opportunities.

The current market has the characteristics of a weak economy and a strong stock market. In the context of a weak economy, countercyclical policies are worth looking forward to. 2020 is the year of the decisiStock t0 operationve battle against the well-off and the closing year of the 13th Five-Year Plan. It is of great significance to achieve the annual economic growth target. Therefore, the overall policy tone must be loose and support economic development. According to the changes in the epidemic, the policy orientation will gradually change from the structure. Sex policy dominated to aggregate policy dominated. At the Politburo meeting, there were two more and two more positive statements about the aggregate policy, which means that the subsequent aggregate policy will still be introduced. The currency is concerned about RRR cuts, structural interest rate cuts, changes in deposit benchmark interest rates, etc., and finances are concerned about the deficit rate, Changes in local government special debt quotas, the role of policy finance, special treasury bonds, etc., and the industry level pays attention to policy responses such as automobiles, 5G, and new energy vehicles.

Judging from the current valuation level, the latest valuation of Evergreen (002391) and Winbond Health (002004) is less than 20 times. Since December, glyphosate concept stocks have been mixed, with an average increase of 0.38%. Fengle Seed Industry has risen 212% since December and tops the list. *ST Huifeng (002496) and Xin'an (600596) were among the top decliners, falling 175% and 161% respectively.

On October 17, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern asking the company to explain seven issues. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange pointed out in the letter of concern that on the Interactive Yihe Stock Bar, investors expressed concern about the specific cooperation between the company and Huawei, and the company only stated that it is a business partner of Huawei.

Internet of Vehicles. If car companies put forward the concept of the Internet of Vehicles five years ago, they would be driven out as unrealistic idealists. Today we can see more and more car manufacturers launch their own smart cars. With the help of the 5G wave, the Internet of Vehicles will greatly change the status quo of the industry. Not only will the relationship between people and cars undergo qualitative changes, but even the relationship between cars and cars will develop rapidly. However, I have to say that in the entire application system envisaged at this stage, the Internet of Vehicles has put forward very high requirements for transmission rate efficiency, time delay, and stability.