Types of stock transactions

Types of stock transactions

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In the past month, a total of about 25.1 billion yuan of sales contracts were signed, and as of Friday's close, the total market value of CNC CNC was only 24.6 billion yuan. Although CNCC emphasized that the monocrystalline silicon sales contract disclosed in November only agreed on the Types of stock transactionssales quantity, not the price. However, based on the current market price, the current orders of these three customers correspond to the total purchase amount of 5.7 billion yuan and 7.7 billion yuan in 2021 and 2022, while the main revenue of Shanghai Machine CNC in 2019 is only 0.6 billion yuan. In the first three quarters, revenue increased by 3144% year-on-year, reaching 14.7 billion yuan. If the above-mentioned contract is fulfilled as agreed, Shanghai CNC will maintain rapid growth in the future.

In terms of sale time, iPhone1iPhone12Pro will be pre-ordered on October 16th and will go on sale on October 23rd; iPhone12mini and iPhone12ProMax will be pre-ordered on November 6th and will go on sale on November 13th.

The A-shares in February 2020 have undergone two major tests. One was the outbreak of the black swan during the long Chinese New Year holiday and the stock index plummeted on the first trading day after the holiday. However, Lianyang quickly recovered its lost ground; the second was in Europe and America starting this Tuesday. The continuous adjustment of the stock market has dragged down the A shares. The Shanghai Composite Index loosened on Friday after three days of strong consolidation. However, from the perspective of the whole week, it is still relatively defensive among major global stock markets. Although there is a tendency to bottom out twice, after the baptism of two trials, the market is expected to usher in the climax of this year's spring market in March. The running of over-the-counter funds will have a clear positive effect on the market. In the past few years, even if there is a market, A-shares have often been labeled as structural bulls. Whether it is dominated by blue-chip stocks in the second half of 2017 or the recent technology stocks have soared, the market often shows that some stocks have risen sharply, and many stocks are standing still. The situation, only in the spring of 2019, there will be phased full-scale cattle. For a full-scale bull to emerge, it must rely on the combined force of policy, capital and fundamentals. At present, favorable factors similar to the spring of 2019 are taking shape. From a policy perspective, although the interpretation of the relaxation of fixed increase refinancing is different, at least in the initial stage of the launch, it is beneficial to the transformation or acquisition of listed companies, and it is easier to become a catalyst for the rise of stock prices; and the recent fiscal policy needs to be more Proactive, more flexible and appropriate monetary policy, as well as related authoritative statements such as promoting the expansion of domestic demand and releasing consumption potential, also have a significant effect on the risk appetite of A-share investors. Even in Friday’s crash, there were still dozens of stocks bucking the trend and their daily limit, showing that individual stocks remained quite active. On the one hand, the funding aspect is closely related to the policy aspect. On the other hand, there are also seasonal monetary easing cycles. This is reflected in the continuous expansion of transactions in the market, frequent explosions of public funds, and the number of individual investors opening up accounts. The entry of new funds into the market directly improves market liquidity on the one hand, and on the other hand, after the tide has risen, it also allows some old investors who were previously trapped to unwind. It is a high probability event to increase the operating frequency after unwinding, thereby further enhancing market activity. Sex. As for fundamental factors, although some industries are inevitably affected by the epidemic, the first quarterly report has not been disclosed in March. Instead, some companies with better annual reports are expected to make their debuts, and may even launch better dividend plans to boost stock prices. Even for ST stocks with poor performance, most of the reports released in March turned losses into profits, trying to get rid of their caps as soon as possible, and the annual reports with continuous losses are often concentrated until the end of April. Therefore, the policy, funding, and fundamentals have reached a relatively ideal state in March. Even if the overseas stock market is affected, it will not play a decisive role. After the second dip, it is expected to usher in the March Red. In terms of capital, the daily turnover of the two cities is a relatively intuitive indicator. As long as daily turnover remains above one trillion yuan for a period of time, capital spillover effects are expected to appear, gradually spreading from some of the hugely rising technology stocks to other low-level stocks. First of all, the market continues to accumulate huge amounts, showing that off-market funds are constantly entering the market, and the more funds entering the market, the more diverse the styles. In addition to the tendency to chase hot stocks, there will also be some relatively stable funds entering the market. It is conducive to the occurrence of compensatory gains for low-level stocks; secondly, some profitable funds on the sharply speculated products will find new investment targets after rallies and exit, and low-level stocks will more easily enter their targets; third, some of them have mid-line before. The main force entering the market, after the market is fully activated, the dormant main force is also easy to pick up opportunities to maximize profits. Therefore, starting from the spillover effect of funds, looking for opportunities for potential varieties is an important way for investors to expand their success or achieve overtaking on curves in March. Which varieties of funds will overflow? Getting the month near the water tower is a direction to think about. First of all, starting with the strongest GEM during the year is an important choice. There has been a significant volatility on the GEM this week. The stocks with large gains before have reported profit-taking. In the future, the possibility of switching to low-level stocks with better fundamentals is higher, especially if the dynamic P/E ratio is below 20 times, the annual report is expected to increase Or the performance of the fourth quarter has improved significantly, and the stock price increase during the year is small in the low area of ​​the recent few years. There is an incentive to supplement the increase. Investors can find a suitable time to participate in conjunction with changes in the relationship between volume and price. The types that the author focuses on observation are: Gold Card Smart, Luyitong, Xianhe Environmental Protection, Aoke Shares, Xiongsu Technology, Jiangsu Leili, etc. The second category is FTSE Russell’s expansion of the inclusion of A-shares. Driven by the event, new swing investment opportunities are included in the constituent stocks. According to the plan, FTSE Russell will increase the inclusion factor of A shares from 15% to 25% on March 23. Judging from the previous expansion of A shares in international indexes, it will have a positive incentive effect on A shares, and related constituent stocks will also Because of the need to passively allocate funds to buy at a specified time, it will attract some active funds in advance to participate in the phase. Among the newly-added constituent stocks, selected according to the three conditions of the aforementioned GEM supplementary growth potential stocks, some target stocks can also be found. The varieties that the author focuses on are: Rongsheng Environmental Protection, Yingfeng Environmental Protection, and Zhongyuan Environmental Protection , Suzhou Longjie, Xinghui Entertainment, Xiamen Xiangyu, etc.

The market was sluggish last week and directly fell back to the 3200 area shock. The news of the establishment of the Xiong'an New Area was released last weekend, which found the direction for the confused capital and the market. For the collective pursuit of related concept listed companies, the morning market jumped directly and the market opened quickly. The temperature rose, and there was no decent callback throughout the day. It has been volatile and rising. In the end, the Shanghai stock market closed at 3270 points, the highest of the day, an increase of 48 points or 48%; the Shenzhen stock market closed 9% at 10,621 points; the GEM rose 382 points. It closed at 19416 points, an increase of 88%. The two cities totaled 576.3 billion yuan, a substantial increase of 110 billion yuan from last Friday.

On the evening of January 15, First Venture issued an announcement stating that the company’s shareholder Huaxi Xinyu plans to reduce its holdings of the company’s shares by no more than 297.76 million shares through centralized bidding and block transactions within 6 months from the date of this announcement. , Accounting for about 0.85% of the total share capital.

On the evening of April 24, China Telecom and China Unicom announced the results of the bid-winning candidates for the joint centralized procurement of wireless main equipment for the new 5GSA project in 2020. Nokia was out, Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, and Xinke (Datang Mobile) won the bid, and jointly divideTypes of stock transactionsd the total centralized procurement amount of about 33 billion yuan.