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Regarding the compositStock Exchange Magazineion of the battery, Tesla has been promoting the use of cobalt-free batteries. In last year's Tesla earnings conference call, some analysts mentioned concerns about the drastic changes in the price of cobalt and other rare metal commodities. Musk said at the time that the use of cobalt could be reduced to zero. The battery used in Tesla's most popular product Model 3 is the battery with the highest energy density used in Tesla's electric vehicles. While increasing the nickel content of the battery, it also drastically reduces the amount of cobalt.

Of course, while considering the rapid retreat, we can still play the game appropriately for some individual stocks. For example, the second-tier technology stocks and the third-lower bids have many chances of turning over in the future; in addition, pay attention to the hype of the concept of annual reports. As of January 14, 2020, a total of 735 companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen have taken the lead in disclosing their 2019 annual report performance forecasts. There are a total of 429 companies with good results. Among them, a total of 91 companies are expected to have net worth attributable to shareholders of the parent company in 2019. Profits are expected to double year-on-year. Further statistics show that 52 companies are expected to double the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company in the third quarter and annual reports of 2019. It is necessary to focus on whether the target of market speculation is converted to a target with a low valuation and stable growth, especially if the annual report performance has a potential target with a valuation restoration, it can also be focused on tracking.

The German Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and the German Federal Medical Insurance Fund Association jointly announced that from the 10th, patients with mild respiratory symptoms do not need to go to the clinic in person, but can request doctors to issue up to 7 days of sick leave by calling single. On the one hand, it can reduce the risk of doctors contracting the new crown pneumonia virus, and on the other hand, it also provides convenience for patients. It is reported that this provision is temporarily valid for four weeks.

According to the "Jingyin Insurance Regulatory Punishment Juezi [2020] No. 19", the main illegal facts of Cinda Beijing Branch are: providing guarantees for interbank investment violations, inadequate due diligence of non-financial institutions' non-performing asset acquisition business, and non-performing claims Inadequate management, inadequate asset quality management, and borrowing the new to return the old to cover up the bad.

In this regard, Nie Huihua believes that community group buying just cuts away some of the existing cakes, but it does not really make the cakes big. Community group buying only delivers vegetables to consumers through different channels, and does not create new products; it may even reduce employment. It may be because of the experience of developing homes for too many years, leading to our preference for efficiency and tolerance of unfairness. It seems that as long as there is efficiency, we can completely ignore fairness.

The three major A-share stock indexes opened loStock Exchange Magazinew and moved high, while the ChiNext index rose strongly, with an increase of nearly 3%. Masks, e-cigarettes, Tesla, insurance, medical, banking and other sectors saw the top gains. As of press time, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.05%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 19%, the ChiNext Index rose 81%, and the net inflow of northbound funds exceeded 5 billion.

From the Shanghai Index, today's index maintained a volatile pattern. It oscillated within the Yinxian line closed on June 28, and the lower moving average system had a significant supporting effect. The KDJ indicator diverged upwards, and it may continue to oscillate in the short term, and From the 30-minute level, it has successfully stood on the moving average system, and the KDJ indicator continues to diverge upwards, and the BOLL middle rail is currently forming strong support. There is a short-term momentum to move upward again. In addition, near the end, the trading volume has a trend of enlargement. , Short-term heavy volume is conducive to the index's further upward attack; in addition, from the small and medium board index, today reached a new high today, the lower moving average system formed strong support, and from the 30-minute level, the short-term index’s upward momentum has not stopped. The MACD red column has more momentum to increase, which is also more conducive to the further upward attack of the index.