Stock left operation

On February 9, the news from the press conference of the State Council's Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism required that on the basis of doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, actively support related enterprises of daily necessities to promote the resumption of work and production, and lay a foundation for market supply. At the same time, in areas where thStock left operatione epidemic is not so severe, it is necessary to appropriately expand the scope of multi-business operations, and no one size fits all.

ST Kangmei announced on the morning of July 23 that it received a notice from the company’s controlling shareholder Kangmei Industry that Kangmei Industry is planning a major event that may lead to a change in the company’s control. The specific method of the company’s control change will strictly abide by the relevant rules. Claim. ST Kangmei said that in view of the uncertainty of this matter, upon application, the company's stock has been suspended for two consecutive trading days since the market opened on the morning of July 23. Prior to this, the news of ST Kangmei's change of ownership had been widely circulated in the market, and the target of the scandal was Guangdong state-owned assets.

On August 13, vaccine stock Cansino officially listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board outside the Hong Kong stock market, becoming the first A+H vaccine stock. With an issue price of RMB 2071 per share, Cansino became the second-highest stock on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. On the first day of listing, it rose by 1212% at its opening and closing at an increase of 845%, and its market value once exceeded 100 billion. However, the stock price fell sharply the next day, the stock price fell more than 11%, and the market value evaporated by nearly 5 billion.

From the perspective of investment opportunities in various segments, Lin Qingyuan, head of the TMT group of the Rongtong Fund Research Department and manager of the Rongtong Transformation Three Power Fund, said that looking forward to 2020, consumer electronics may be a relatively obvious investment opportunity. The development of the 5G industry is certain. 2020 will usher in a wave of 5G mobile phone replacements, which will greatly increase the orders of upstream component manufacturers.

Judging from recent policies, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange has lifted restrictions on QFII investment quotas, with the goal of attracting more foreign capital to actively enter the market. In Zhang Jingshu's view, the cancellation of QFII investment quota is more attractive to foreign investors who actively choose stocks. He analyzed that the cancellation of QFII and RQFII investment quota restrictions is very good news for us. Our future investment in A shares may give priority to the QFII channel, because it is very important for us to be able to exercise appropriate shareholder equity for the investees. In Zhang Jingshu's view, despite the low cost, convenient transaction, and flexible mechanism of land-to-port link, it needs to exercise voting rights through the subsidiary of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, while QFII can exercise voting rights directly through intermediaries such as custodian banks and domestic brokerages. .

On April 25, the "Announcement on the Suspected Illegal Sales of Vanke Projects" issued by the Xi'an Housing Management Bureau of Shaanxi Province showed that it includes Vanke Citylight, Vanke Oriental Legend, Vanke Golden Mile Huafu, Vanke Xingfu Li, Vanke Golden Mile International , Vanke Jade Tianyu, Vanke Golden Mile East CounStock left operationty, Vanke Jade International and other 12 projects are suspected of illegal sales without a license. The announcement stated that with immediate effect, the online sales of all development projects of Vanke's subsidiaries in Xi'an will be suspended, and the acceptance of applications for pre-sale permits for commercial housing of its new projects will be suspended, and it will be severely investigated in accordance with the law. According to the "International Finance News", the relevant person in charge of the Xi'an Municipal Housing Management Bureau conducted a comprehensive inspection of the sales department of Vanke Citylight Project, extracted data from the computer, temporarily detained the notes in the safe, and made a record of the site survey , And interviewed the deputy general manager of Xi’an Vanke on the spot, and issued the "Notice of Ordering to Stop Illegal Activities", ordering the company to immediately stop the illegal activities and make rectification, accept investigation and handling, temporarily seal up the sales department, and arrange for supervisors to stand guard.

In the medium and long term, A-shares are currently in the golden period of strategic allocation and have become an important market for global capital investment. The Baihaifeng epidemic only changes the short-term operating rules of A-shares and will not change the long-term direction. At present, the epidemic situation is basically stable, full-scale regeneration is accelerating, and countercyclical adjustment policies continue to increase. There is still broad room for future policy adjustments. In the short term, A-shares may fluctuate more, but the magnitude is smaller than that in overseas markets. The recent recall is a good time to allocate A-shares. From the perspective of asset allocation, capital assets represent the future compared to other large assets. The current assessment is generally in the lowest range. Han Dongyan, the fund manager of Lion's Advanced Equity Fund with a higher price-performance ratio, emphasized the mid- to long-term view of investment strategy