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*ST Weihai believes that before the listed company completes the relevant special audits and impairment tests in accordance with the "Profit CompCost priceensation Agreement for Issuing Shares and Payment of Cash for Asset Purchases", Zhong Chengrong and his concerted parties should not reduce their holdings through the acquisition of listed companies The shares of listed companies that have been exchanged over the millennium will avoid difficulties in fulfilling performance compensation and impairment test compensation obligations at that time, and harm the interests of listed companies and small and medium shareholders.

On February 3, Zhejiang Huzhou issued eight opinions to support the healthy development of enterprises, encouraging various banking institutions to float by more than 10% based on the original loan interest rate, and municipal policy guarantee companies float by more than 30% based on the original guarantee rate. In 2020, the city's banking institutions will reduce or exempt corporate on-lending costs and service fees by more than 200 million yuan.

On December 4, the Shanghai Composite Index went green from the early morning to the afternoon turnaround, closing up slightly by 0.07%, and the index closed at 34458 points. At the same time, the Shenzhen Component Index and the ChiNext Index rose slightly by 0.4% and 0.68%, and the All A Index rose slightly by 0.27%.

Bohai Securities pointed out that the recovery of cross-provincial team tourism and the upward adjustment of tourist flow restrictions in scenic spots have a positive impact on the recovery of the industry. With the approach of National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, the industry is expected to recover. The tourism industry, tourist attractions reception, and aviation industry have seen major improvements in terms of the number of receptions and business volume. For example, some routes have returned to the full scene of the past.

Jeff Currie, head of commodity research at Goldman Sachs, pointed out in his latest report that there are many uncertainties in the current environment, and gold is a certainty. Unlike humans or the economy, gold is naturally immune to viruses. Unlike paper money that may spread the virus, gold does not have the possibility of acting as a medium of transmission.

However, with the gradual enlargement of the investment banking cake, the market share of these leading institutions has been significantly diluted, which also means that market participants are raCost pricepidly increasing. Statistics show that the respective market shares of CITIC Securities, CITIC Construction Investment, and CICC have all changed to varying degrees. Among them, CITIC Securities has shrunk from 167% last year to 85%, and CITIC Construction has shrunk from 75% last year to 89%; CICC has shrunk from 50% last year to 18%.

CMCMarkets chief market strategist Colin Cieszynski said that the current political uncertainties have promoted the rise of gold prices, and its influence is even better than the market's expectations for the Fed to raise interest rates.