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According to market logic, the appreciation of the renminbi means an accelerated inflow of international capital, thereby pushing up asset prices denominated in renminbi; under the effect of making money, domestic investors have joined in, further pushing


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Since December, the heat of the sector has cooled. Securities Times. Statistics show that since December 4th, community group buying has begun to cool down. Concept stocks have fallen by more than 5 percentage points on average, of which 14 stocks have fa


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On November 6, Sunshine shares (000608) (00060SZ), which was still slightly down in the morning, suddenly crashed at the opening in the afternoon and went straight to the lower limit. Within 10 seconds, there were more than 230,000 orders hitting the mark


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In terms of the secondary market, institutional professionals are currently generally optimistic about the layout of consumption, procyclicality and some technological leaders. In terms of configuration, Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund Research Management Depa

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