Artificial intelligence stock trading software

Artificial intelligence stock trading software

By Today's market index

From the data of the latest week (August 12-August 16), the Dow Jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq and Nasdaq indexes in the European and American markets (due to time difference, only the first 4 trading days of this week are counted) The UK's FTSE 100 and Germany's DAX both fell more than 2%. The Shanghai Composite Index led the way in 5 trading days, up 77%, and the ShenArtificial intelligence stock trading softwarezhen Component Index rose more than 3%.

*ST Weihai believes that it is the right of shareholders to reduce their holdings of listed company shares, but the information they provide should be true, accurate and complete, and there are no false records, misleading statements or major omissions; their reductions should comply with According to relevant laws and regulations, it is not allowed to use information disclosure rules to publish false increase and decrease information, disrupt the capital market, and again violate the promise; its behavior shall not interfere with the normal operation of the listed company by spreading false negative statements and false information Operation damages the interests of small and medium shareholders; it is not allowed to damage the image of listed companies and the hard-won stable situation.

The financial report data highlights the growing divergence between winners and losers. The sectors with long-term structural growth, especially the technology leaders, have demonstrated outstanding capabilities during economic challenges, and achieved 2 to 3 months in 2 to 3 months. With three years of growth, the investment layout of these companies in the second quarter will enhance their future competitiveness. Huang Siyuan said that the differentiation between the old economy and the new economy is expanding.

In August 2020, the Ministry of Transport issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction of New-type Infrastructure in the Transportation Field", proposing that by 2035, the construction of new-type infrastructure in the transportation field will achieve significant results. Advanced information technology deeply empowers transportation infrastructure, and comprehensively enhances the ability of accurate perception, accurate analysis, fine management and meticulous service, which has become a strong support for accelerating the construction of a transportation power.

From the monitored data, the number of stocks that were changed this week was 128. The main funds bought 26.8 billion yuan and sold 24.9 billion yuan this week, and the total net purchase amount was 1.9 billion yuan. From the data point of view, the number of abnormal shares and the size of fund transactions remained stable this week, the market was relatively strong, the index oscillated, and the net inflow of funds was dominated. There are 12 companies with a net purchase of more than 100 million yuan this week. They are Zoomlion (000157), TCL Technology (000100), Fluoride (002407), Dabeinong (002385), Luxi Chemical (000830) ), Pinwo Food (300892), Rainbow Shares (600707), Runhe Materials (300727), China Microelectronics (600360), Hualin Securities (002945), Zhaochi Shares (002429), Bank of Qingdao (002948), the Driven by heavyweight stocks such as bank and brokerage companies, the index rose strongly. Caixin Securities believes that the future monetary policy will remain stable and neutral, with a flexible and appropriate overall tone, and market liquidity will remain dynamic and stable. Corresponding to the continuous optimization of the credit structure, the weighted loan interest rate stopped falling and rebounded, and the bank's asset-side profitability was improved. In terms of price increases, in addition to the previous cycle, the LED panel concept ushered in a strong wave of funds. Industry insiders pointed out that although the new display technology has many advantages that LCD cannot match, the mainstream display technology used in TV, notebooks and other products will still be LCD, and its position will be difficult to shake within the year. Therefore, LCD prices are still the strongest factor that disturbs the financial statements of panel manufacturers.

Regarding this round of rising bank stocks, Huang Lihua, director of active equity of HSBC Jinxin anArtificial intelligence stock trading softwared manager of HSBC Jinxin's large-cap fund, believes that bank stocks are a typical representative of the current low-valued blue-chips, which are basically geared towards superimposing low valuations, which is the current valuation of such companies. The main motivation for repair.

In terms of big consumption, Wen's shares have the highest upside potential, with 24 institutions unanimously predicting a target price of 307 yuan, which is 506% higher than the current price. In addition, Zhengbang Technology, Yisheng shares, Zhejiang Pharmaceutical and other stocks have more than 30% upside potential.

On September 4, the Xinjiang Department of Culture and Tourism announced the relevant measures to promote tourism development in all parts of the region after the epidemic and the arrangements for autumn and winter tourism. At present, 350 tourism activities have been identified in various parts of Xinjiang, and the autumn and winter tourism season has been fully opened. At the same time, various tourist preferential activities such as free admission tickets for scenic spots, one-yuan bus trips to scenic spots, full consumption reduction, and catering discounts have been launched to promote the rapid recovery of Xinjiang tourism. Tourists entering and leaving Xinjiang do not need nucleic acid testing or isolation, just show their health code and comply with epidemic prevention requirements to realize smooth Xinjiang travel across provinces, regions, counties and cities.

From the perspective of the proportion of tradable shares held, the data shows that the proportion of tradable shares held by Northbound Funds to the three stocks this week has decreased by more than 1%. They are Fengyuzhu (603466), Anche Inspection (300572), and Hengyuan. Coal Power (600971), the proportion of holding outstanding shares decreased by 64%, 04%, and 00% respectively. In terms of market performance, Fengyuzhu has risen by 95% this week, and Anche Inspection and Hengyuan Coal have fallen by 01% and 78%.