Short-term stock operation method

Short-term stock operation method

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According to the monthly gold stock portfolio disclosed by the brokerage firm, Sany Heavy Industry (600031) has become the consensus of brokerage analysts. In addition, stocks includinShort-term stock operation methodg CATL (300750) and Great Wall Motors (601633) are also highly regarded.

5G is of great significance to mobile. According to mobile introduction, as of the end of February 2020, the company's 5G package customers reached 15.4 million. In November 2019, the number of 5G commercial users in the first month was 630,000, an increase of 24 times in 4 months. The number of users has grown rapidly, and user value contributions have steadily increased. After migrating from 4G to 5G, China Mobile's mobile service user ARPU increased by 5%, and mobile phone traffic DOU increased by 18%.

At present, hundreds of scientific research teams around the world are accelerating the research and development of the new crown vaccine on different technical routes. Outside the West, only China and Russia have the technology to pose certain challenges to it. Europe, the United States, China and Russia have also become de facto new crown vaccine research and development The first echelon.

Extending the timeline, looking at the next 3-5 years, and more than 5 years, the industry demand for medical and health is very certain. With the aging of the population and the increase in residents' wealth, the demand for medical and health will accelerate with certainty. Those excellent companies that can provide drugs that improve the quality of life and extend the life cycle, those leading companies in the field of oncology drugs with core innovation capabilities, and particularly outstanding medical service companies have a lot of room for growth in the long term.

On the 28th local time, Fed Board Chairman Powell stated that the Fed is monitoring the risks posed by the coronavirus to the US economy and promised to take action when necessary. Fed Chairman Powell said in a statement: The fundamentals of the US economy remain strong. However, COVID-19 poses a constantly changing risk to economic activity. The Fed is closely monitoring developments and their impact on the economic outlook. We will use our tools and take appropriate actions to support the economy. US stocks started panic selling this week, and the stock market plummeted wildly. After the announcement of Powell’s statement, the US stock market's decline slightly narrowed, but the Dow Jones Index still fell 357 points at the close. The current federal funds rate standard range is between 5% and 75%.

Analyzing the above top 20 stocks, we can find that, regardless of QFII, Beijing Capital, or the combined holdings of the two, the stocks that appeared on the list for 4 consecutive reporting periods are industry-leading stocks. Among them, Beijing Capital has a higher degree of compatibility with the market and core asset allocation The characteristics are mShort-term stock operation methodore obvious, and there is a clear preference for large market capitalization companies; although QFII also has a higher proportion of large market capitalization companies, it pays more attention to high-quality medium market capitalization stocks than Beijing Capital.

Regarding the composition of the battery, Tesla has been promoting the use of cobalt-free batteries. In last year's Tesla earnings conference call, some analysts mentioned concerns about the drastic changes in the price of cobalt and other rare metal commodities. Musk said at the time that the use of cobalt could be reduced to zero. The battery used in Tesla's most popular product Model 3 is the battery with the highest energy density used in Tesla's electric vehicles. While increasing the nickel content of the battery, it also drastically reduces the amount of cobalt.

At 0:00 on Friday, Beijing time, data released by the US EIA showed that as of the week of February 14th, US commercial crude oil inventories excluding strategic reserves were unexpectedly lower than expected, and both refined oil inventories and gasoline inventories were reduced. The well-known financial blog site Zerohedge commented that after the unexpectedly large increase in crude oil inventories in the previous week, analysts expect that crude oil inventories may increase again, but the actual data only recorded an increase of 450,000 barrels. U.S. crude oil production remains at a record high. Cushing's crude oil inventories fell for the first time in 4 weeks, and oil products also declined significantly. Oil prices were on the rise before the data were released, and the EIA crude oil inventories recorded a smaller-than-expected growth this time, and oil prices are expected to maintain high fluctuations.

From the data in Table 3, it can be seen that the overall activity of hot money is relatively high. There are 11 hot money that have been on the list more than 10 times this week. The Tibet Dongcai Lhasa department is still the most active hot money. From the perspective of net purchases, hot money Trading performance was mediocre. The number of sales offices with net purchases of more than 100 million yuan increased to 13, including hot money Guotai Junan Jiangsu Road sales department, hot money Huaxin Securities Branch, hot money Industrial Securities Shaanxi branch, hot money Oriental Fortune (300059) Securities Lhasa Tuanjie Road Second Sales Department, Hot Money CICC Fortune Securities Beijing Songzhuang Road Sales Department, Hot Money Galaxy Securities Shaoxing Sales Department, Hot Money China Merchants Securities Shennan East Road Sales Department, Hot Money UBS Garden Shiqiao Road Sales Department, Hot Money Nanjing Securities Nanjing Dazhongting Sales Department, Hot Money Xiangcai Securities Ningbo Shuguang Road Sales Department, Hot Money Orient Securities Pudong New Area Yuanshen Road Sales Department, Hot Money Yuekai Securities Nantong Gongnong Road Sales Department, Hot Money CICC Fortune Securities Nanjing Taiping South Road Sales Department.