Stock suspension purchase

Stock suspension purchase

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The first major adjustment began in mid-July. Since mid-July, there Stock suspension purchasehas been a sharp drop in volume from Wen's shares, LeTV, and Wangsu Technology. Finally, the GEM index fell sharply at the end of July, and since then it has been announced that the GEM has begun to adjust. In particular, the heavy-volume drop here refers to a large number of phased transactions, with a drop of more than 5%, which is the case for individual stocks and indexes. According to historical market rules, ①Since the end of the 5178 bull market, all previous heavy volume drops on the GEM will see phased and large-level adjustments, with relatively large adjustment cycles and amplitudes. ②The prerequisite for the major adjustment in July is that the index and individual stocks have undergone monthly breaks to varying degrees. According to historical market rules, the market adjusts from mid-April to mid-July each year. The market gradually enters the end of adjustment in late July. Then the market rebound mode was started. Based on this abnormal market reaction, it can be predicted that small tickets represented by the ChiNext will enter the risk zone.

Article 8 of the "Opinions" is based on improving the securities class action system, focusing on the two value orientations of smoothing investor rights protection channels and reducing investor rights protection costs, and encouraging courts at all levels to further refine and improve various litigation procedures for securities representative litigation. It also requires further strengthening of communication and coordination with securities regulatory authorities and investor protection agencies.

On March 19, China Mobile released its 2019 annual report. Revenue slightly increased by 2%, and net profit fell by 5%. However, it still set out a capital expenditure budget of 179.8 billion yuan for 2020, a year-on-year increase of 4%. Among them, 5G-related investment is about 100 billion yuan, an increase of 317% compared to the 24 billion 5G investment in 2019. China Mobile's determination to 5G new infrastructure can be seen.

In 2018, when he participated in the China Development and High-tech Development Forum, Ren Zeping also mentioned the separation of man and land. At that time, he said that the divergence between population urbanization and land urbanization has caused the separation of man and land, which is the root cause of high housing prices in the first and second tiers and high inventory in the third and fourth tiers. The key to a long-term real estate mechanism is to link people to land and financial stability to achieve a balance of supply and demand and a stable release of demand, which is the solution.

During the reporting period (2017-2019 and the first half of 2020), the company's R&D expenses were 262.01 million yuan, 53.0045 million yuan, 622.6 million yuan and 471.03 million yuan, accounting for 239% and 303% of the current operating income respectively , 221% and 94%.

In 2019, the national residential refined decoration market scale is about 3.2 million units, with a market penetration rate of 32%. It is expected that the nationaStock suspension purchasel refined decoration commercial housing market will reach 3.65 million units in 2020. The proportion of hardcover has increased rapidly. Since 2019, the more obvious trend in the industry is that real estate developers have begun to actively cooperate with brand owners. The high-quality supply chain itself is quite competitive in terms of advancement capabilities, delivery capabilities, and engineering quality. For industrial capital, It is also a scarce resource.

*ST Xintong issued a performance forecast correction announcement on the evening of March 2. The company previously expected a net profit of 8 billion to 2.8 billion yuan in 2019, a year-on-year turnaround; after the revision, the estimated net profit is 16.9 billion to 11.7 billion yuan. The main reason for the correction of the performance forecast is due to the impact of non-recurring profit and loss adjustments, which affects the amount of 2.032 billion yuan. On February 29, the Harbin Intermediate People's Court ruled and approved the draft of Yiyang Group's reorganization plan, which had a significant impact on the company's non-recurring profits and losses.

The reporter of "Investment Express" noticed that the news that the 14th Five-Year Plan for the tourism industry is being compiled has been confirmed recently. With the healthy development of the national economy and the upgrading of consumption concepts, it has greatly promoted the accelerated expansion of the tourism industry. In response to the recent listing of Western Region Tourism, Industrial Securities believes that the company is expected to give full play to the driving effect of Tianchi Scenic Area and achieve rapid growth in scale.

On the 14th, A-shares showed a trend of rising volume and price, and active theme investment. The most interesting thing is the return of Tesla and the semiconductor sector, which had a strong market performance at the beginning of the year. The data shows that the two major sector indexes rose by 59% and 78% respectively. Leading companies such as CATL, Ganfeng Lithium, and Huatian Technology have their daily limit.

On April 1, Mao Qun'an, Director of the Planning, Development and Informatization Department of the National Health Commission, said at a press conference that he is currently working with relevant state departments to develop a telemedicine private network construction work plan and a regional central hospital equipment configuration project implementation plan. At present, basic telecommunications companies have established medical private networks, telemedicine cloud service platforms, and video cloud service platforms covering the whole country, and hospitals at the second level and above can use the Internet or private networks to provide remote medical services.