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Today's stock market news

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On February 7, Gilead Sciences replied to company e. AlthougToday's stock market newsh it has not been determined whether Radixivir can safely and effectively treat 2019-nCoV infection, considering the urgency of the current situation, we are taking various measures to speed up the production progress and increase Supply includes expanding the network of external pharmaceutical partners to speed up the procurement of raw materials, and the production of raw materials and pharmaceuticals; at the same time, we began to manufacture remdesivir in-house to supplement the capacity of the external production network.

The MACD indicator is called exponentially smoothed similarity and difference average in Chinese. It is a general trend indicator. It consists of long-term average MACD, short-term line DIF, red energy column (long), green energy column (short), and O axis (long-short boundary) It consists of five parts.

For trust companies, the impact should be viewed in the short and long term. First of all, in the short term, it will definitely be affected, because trust companies are now facing problems such as asset shortages. But in the long run, it is good for the long-term development of trust companies. After all, trust companies are licensed and regulated financial institutions with a series of systems such as relatively sufficient capital management and liquidity management. Frankly speaking, among all types of asset management companies, trust companies should be the one with the oldest qualifications and the most standardized management. Prior to this, a large amount of trust companies' business flowed to some other low-threshold asset management institutions, and since last year, the media has also been concerned that some businesses are returning to the trust industry. With the consistency of regulatory requirements, regulatory arbitrage space is reduced, which is actually a normal and rational return.

On October 29, Zhejiang Zhongyin Fashion Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongyin Fashion) officially landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and was successfully listed on the A-share market. On the first day of listing, the opening price was 32 yuan per share and the closing price was 433 yuan per share, an increase of 3627%.

Wealth Securities: The order of selection and allocation of major assets is: bonds> gold> A shares> Hong Kong stocks> crude oil. In the second quarter, the combination configuration is more inclined to defensive strategy. Among commodities, gold has a long-term strategic position in the historical special environment where negative interest rates are prevalent and real interest rates continue to decline. As for crude oil in commodities, considering that the current price of crude oil is in the bottom operating range, we will also allocate a certain percentage in the second quarter. Compared with other markets around the world, take a good look at A shares in the medium and long term. Therefore, we believe that A shares have medium and long term allocation value, but overseas market risks need to be considered. The valuation of Hong Kong stocks is at a low level and can be allocated appropriately.

This reform changes the stock issuance and listing from the original approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission to the approval of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the registration of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. In order to ensure the smooth advancement of the issuance system reform and the construction of a socialist pilot demonstration zone, Article 3 of the "Opinions" stipulates that it is a unified judgment standard , To ensure the smooth progress of the reform of the Growth Enterprise Market and the pilot registration system, and to centralize the jurisdiction of the pilot civil and commercial cases related to the initial public offering of stocks and listed companies on the Growth Enterprise Market under the pilot registration system, and to deal with securities issuance disputes, securities listing contract disputes, and securities fraud For civil and commercial cases of first instance, such as liability disputes, the municipal Intermediate People's Court shall be designated for Today's stock market newspilot centralized jurisdiction.

However, the northward capital, which has always been called smart money, seems to be incompatible with market enthusiasm in the short-term adjustment of positions. According to data, on November 3, foreign investors chose to flee the auto sector at a high level. Together with the industries that were sold were home appliances, automobiles, building materials, basic chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, they bought banks, non-bank finance, non-ferrous metals, computers, media, etc. industry.

In this regard, the company said that under normal circumstances, the stock price is highly positively correlated with the price of its convertible bonds, and there is no super-high premium rate. The price of Lege’s convertible bonds is relatively high, mainly because the company’s convertible corporate bonds have less circulation, and the price of convertible corporate bonds is easily affected by market funds. Investors are advised to pay attention to investment risk.