Employees buy company stock

Employees buy company stock

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On March 2, A shares rose 15%, a strong rebound. For A-share investoEmployees buy company stockrs, the past week has been thrilling. Under the resonance of internal and external factors, the A-share market saw its first sharp correction after the Lunar New Year after its heavy volume surge. The Shanghai Composite Index fell as much as 24% on a weekly basis.

Chen Lifen believes that in 2019, consumption will continue to play a fundamental role in economic development. The new consumption promotion policy will focus on the following aspects: one is to allow consumers to have goods and services to consume, to improve the quality of goods, and to enrich the choices of goods and services; the second is to let consumers have money to consume, and to enhance the purchasing power of ordinary people; Those who are guaranteed to consume without worries, that is, to improve social security and optimize the consumption environment; the fourth is to allow consumers time to consume and encourage consumption through policies such as paid vacation.

When a major event that may have a greater impact on the trading price of the listed company's securities occurs, and investors have not yet learned about it, the listed company shall immediately publish an interim report to disclose the cause, current status and possible impact of the event. In addition to the above-mentioned content that needs to be reported temporarily, major changes in the company's operating policies and business scope, the company has entered into important contracts or engaged in related transactions, the company has suffered major losses or major losses, and major changes in the external conditions of the company's production and operation , The company’s plans to distribute dividends and increase capital are included in the interim report.

[Picture: Maotai's stock price rose 300 times and only ranked ninth. These stocks rose over a thousand times] Excluding the old eight stocks, of the more than 3,800 stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, 2,349 shares have doubled since their listing, of which the stock price has risen by more than 10 times. There are 448 stocks, 25 stocks are over 100 times, and 2 stocks are over 1000 times. Welcome to the historical opportunity, quick account opening entrance >> On June 23, the three major A-share indexes closed up collectively, the liquor sector soared, and the share price of Kweichow Moutai, an individual stock, closed up 47%. It once rose to 14,800 yuan per share during the intraday trading. A record high, with a market value of over 85 trillion, surpassing ICBC and becoming the new stock king. Looking back, the stock price of Kweichow Moutai has risen more than 300 times since its listing, and the stock price of some A-shares has risen more than 1,000 times. According to data from Orient Wealth Choice, excluding the old eight stocks, of the more than 3,800 stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, 2,349 stocks have doubled since their listing. Among them, 448 stocks have increased by more than 10 times, and 25 stocks have increased by more than one hundred times. There are 2 strands of double. Vanke A and Gree Electric's share price rose more than 2,800 times, and Fuyao Glass's share price rose 921 times. The stock prices of Luzhou Laojiao, Yunnan Baiyao, Yili, Hengrui Pharmaceutical, Changchun Hi-tech, and Kweichow Moutai all rose more than 300 times.

In 2020 and 2019, the float industry has shown the ultimate V-shaped reversal. Even in the off-season, the volume and price are not low. The main reason is that the demand for completion in 2019 has entered a concentrated release cycle. The supply-side policy prohibits new production lines and serious capacity replacement. In fact, float glass has entered a non-capacity expansion cycle. The high kiln age production line has become a rolling control valve: It is estimated that after 2016, the float production capacity will basically remain at around 900 million heavy boxes. At the current time, a total of 79 high kiln age production lines that have been put into operation before 2013 and have not been cold repaired have a total capacity 20,000 tons/day, accounting for about 32% of the current production capacity, far exceeding the 40,000 tons/day capacity of 26 effective cold repair lines (including index sales and auctions). After the 2020 epidemic, global demand for photovoltaic installations has recovered, and the penetration of double-glass modules has accelerated. However, due to the epidemic and the restrictions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (the photovoltaic glass industry was also recognized as an overcapacity industry in January 2020), the supply side was delayed, and demand exceeded demand to drive the second half of the year. The price of photovoltaic glass continues to rise. Among them, mainstream 2mm photovoltaic glass rose from a low of 24 yuan/flat in the first half of the year to 42-45 yuan/flat in mid-November. In 2021, the supply of photovoltaic glass will continue to be in short supply, or some ultra-white float production lines will be transferred to photovoltaic module backsheets. According to industry association data, it is estimated that 9 float production lines may be converted to photovoltaic grades in 2021, and the total supply will reach 5700t/d, which will effectively alleviate the supply pressure of photovoltaic glass, but on the contrary amplify the contradiction between the supply and demand of float glass: estimated construction in 2021 The supply gap with float glass is about 64 million boxes/year, accounting for about 8% of the total output of flat glass expected in 2020. If some ultra-white floats are converted to photovoltaic module backsheets in 2021, the supply gap of original float films for construction will be enlarged, which will continue to increase the volume and price flexibility of floats, and the converted photovoltaic module backsheets will also significantly thicken leading companies Performance. Investment advice>>>Highly recommend Xinyi Glass (Hong Kong stocks), the global leader in glass manufacturing; Kibing Group (601636), which has high performance and new growth empowerment, and CSG A, the old glass leader that has refocused on the main business of three glass.

The advancement of the supply-side reform of the steel industry this year will also constitute a substantial benefit to the recovery of earnings. The rebound of the section can choose targets such as Baosteel, Bayi Iron and Steel, Xingang, Anshan Iron and Steel, Fangda Special SteeEmployees buy company stockl, Sansteel Minguang, Maanshan Iron and Steel, and Liugang. At the same time, Fangda Carbon, which benefits from the price increase of graphite electrodes Also worthy of attention... [Click to view full text]

However, the total financing scale of the A-share market this year is 978.3 billion yuan, which is not high compared to previous years. The A-share market financing scale exceeded 5 trillion yuan in 2019, and even exceeded 2 trillion yuan in 2016.